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What Thickness Is The Best For A Yoga Mat?

Yoga is a very calm and composed exercise that nearly everyone can participate in and enjoy. You can do it in a group or at home alone. The only equipment you need to make it happen is a yoga mat. Yoga involves lying down, kneeling, bending, and many other positions that require cushioning of the active body parts. You can have random movements; thus, the material should eliminate any slipping chance since you will hurt yourself. With the advancements in technology, there are many versions of this item to suit all the available demands. One of its aspects that challenges people during purchasing is the thickness.

Thickness Types.

There are three different sized yoga mats all suitable for this workout. The thickest on the list is a quarter of an inch. It is recommended as it provides sufficient support and comfort. If you like to take on poses that involve lying down most of the time, then it is the ideal type. You will not feel the hardness of the ground, and your back will be safe all through. Its significant limitation is that it is bulky. Moving around with it can be an issue, mainly if you have limited storage. The next type is the average model with a thickness of an eighth of an inch. It is just the right size as you get sufficient comfort and can carry it wherever you want to go. The last design is the least and only suitable if you prefer to work out in standing postures. Also, if you enjoy the feel of the ground, then you can go for it. All the mentioned mats serve the primary purpose, but you need to consider some factors before making a selection.

Physical State.

If you are physically fit, any mat will work just fine for you. However, yogis whose joints have been exposed to injuries need to take the thickest mats. It will provide them with comfort to prevent specific parts from suffering any further risks. However, if they insist on taking the thin designs, they should strictly stick to staying on their feet.

Type Of Surface.

If you are working out mostly on hard surfaces, then the thick mat is suitable to absorb any pressure you could be getting from the floor. Also, you have a guarantee that it will last longer despite the wear and tear. Nevertheless, if your area is soft like a carpeted floor, then a thin mat will offer tremendous service, and you can enjoy your sessions. The most crucial thing when making selections is your comfort.

How Frequently Do You Plan To Use The Mat?

All yoga mats come in varying qualities. You will find the rare types that are long-lasting while thick ones wear out within an unrealistic period. However, the rate at which a thin mat will wear out is faster than that of a dense mat. If you are a yogi who frequently takes on the task, you can opt for the compact design, but it has to come in the best quality. It will prevail well, especially if you are always changing positions. You have a guarantee of safety as your body parts are protected.

Although much has not been said about an eighth-inch yoga mat, it is generally the most recommended. The benefits it comes with are all featured in either the thin or thick design. It is lightweight, and you can even travel with it. The feeling you get when lying down is real, and your body gets protection against any injuries. If you are opting for it, you do not necessarily have to consider many factors as it can fit anywhere.